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The Beginning


It started simply by wanting a t-shirt to reflect my hard work and choices in and out of the gym.

So custom built.

In order to get high quality t-shirts printed you need to order in minimum quantities. So what to do with the rest. My local gym owner and friend suggested selling the remaining there and after a few tweaks the name became Kustom Built Physique. Labels were designed and woven and t-shirts were printed.

After most of the first batch were sold it brought up a another decision. Do we continue and why?

And so our core values were written:




Above all else our gym apparel must be of the highest quality to withstand life in and out of the gym. Built to last.



Our social media will be used primarily for promoting YOU, YOUR GYM, YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR CAREER. Wear one of our products, post about whatever you feel is relevant, training, diet, or just a gym rant. Tag us and we will re-post it.



The sponsorship of strength athletes from strongman, powerlifting, crossfit, Olympic lifting and bodybuilding either through direct sponsorship of the athlete or event sponsorship.

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